Financial Models Used In $125M Fundraises

Investor Grade Financial Model

Market Benchmaked Numbers
Easy to Use & Dynamic
100% Tailored & Bespoke
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Key Components of Financial Model

CAPEX planning
CAPEX planning
Proforma Statements
Revenue Planning
Breakeven Analysis
Cost Structures
Resource Planning
Financing Needs
Ratio Analysis

Why Do Businesses Need Professional Financial Modelling Services

Our Financial Modeling Services are designed from an investor's perspective, focusing on what matters most to them. We understand investors seek clarity and confidence in Financial Projections to make informed decisions.

  • Investor-Driven Financial Models highlight potential returns and risks.
  • Strategic Financial Projections underscore your business's growth potential.
  • Tailored Financial Statements reflect your understanding of market dynamics.

By aligning our Consulting Services with investor priorities, we ensure your Pitch Deck and Business Plan resonate, demonstrating not just viability but the value your venture brings to the table.

4-Step Process To Create Investor Grade Financial Model

Step 1 - Startup Insight Gathering

We start by diving deep into your startup's unique needs, requirements, and business model. This foundational step ensures our financial models align perfectly with your vision.

  • Analyze your business structure and goals.
  • Understand your market positioning and strategy.

Step 2 - Assumption Benchmarking

Next, we gather and benchmark critical assumptions against industry standards, ensuring your financial projections are realistic and grounded.

  • Collect key financial and operational assumptions.
  • Benchmark these against industry norms for accuracy.

Step 3 - Draft Model Review

We then share a draft financial model, meticulously sense-checked from an investor's perspective to ensure it meets the stringent criteria investors look for.

  • Present a comprehensive draft financial model.
  • Perform investor-focused sense checks on all metrics.

Step 4 - Founder Walkthrough

Finally, we conduct a detailed walkthrough with you, the founders, boosting your confidence in the numbers and the model as you gear up for fundraising.

  • Clarify any queries about the financial model.
  • Ensure founders are fully prepared to discuss their model with investors.