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Here's How S.E.E.D Fundraising System Works For You

Crafting Your Investor Story
Crafting a clear storyline that emotional connects your investors and make you stand out from your competition.
Effective Pitch Deck
Coming up with an effective pitch deck & fundraising documents that communicates your story, supports it with market research, and creates the logic behind investing in you.
Economic Planning
Developing realistic and investor-grade projections numbers so that investors take your numbers seriously and see the potential of investing in you.
Design Mastery
Designing the pitch deck in a visually appealing way that hooks the investors in the first 3 seconds
Entirely Done For You
We take the entire responsibility of your fundaising documents and ensure that you get everything done in 14-21 days

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Our Team Brings Over 50 years of M&A, Private Equity and Fundraising Expertise




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Our Services

Our suite of services caters to entrepreneurs and startups seeking to make a lasting impression on potential investors.
Investor Ready Business Plans
An investor-ready business plan is perfect for any startup or businesses for approaching their investors including venture capitalists, banks or angel investors and convince them for their funding in the business.
Financial Modeling
We create detailed financial models that provide realistic projections of your business's financial performance, helping you make informed decisions about your company's future.
Investor-ready Pitch Decks
We help companies create visually appealing and engaging pitch decks that communicate the key aspects of their business and convince investors to fund their venture.
Investor Outreach
Our team will assist your company in identifying the ideal investors based on demographics, needs, size, company stage etc., using cold email outreach and LinkedIn organic connections to reach out to the potential investors."

Our Past Work

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Business Plan

We help companies create comprehensive and compelling business plans that are tailored to the needs of venture capitalists, banks, and angel investors. These plans are designed to persuade investors to fund your business.


Investor-Grade Pitch Decks

We help companies create visually appealing and engaging pitch decks that communicate the key aspects of their business and convince investors to fund their venture.

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Meet The Team

We Bring Over 50 Years of Team experience.

Jamal Ahmed Khan
Jamal Ahmed Khan
ACA – Founder, Partner

Jamal is a Chartered Accountant by profession and a Go-To-Expert for Investor Documents, Pitch decks & Business Plans. Jamal is a Board Member of 3 startups accumulatively worth $30 Million in Valuation and has served over 200 clients from over 20 countries.

Tony Verner
Tony Verner

Chief Investment Officer

Tony has worked on 100+ exits and has worked with various 7-10 figure businesses on their fundraising and exit strategy. He's recognized as an industry expert in scaling businesses FAST and brining unique funding methods to the table.

Stuart Mellody
Stuart Mellody

Fundraising Advisor

Stuart has helped businesses to raise over £100m+ in funding. Stuart is also an investor with decades of experience and a passion for taking small to medium sized businesses to the next level

Manzar Saqlain, ACA
Manzar Saqlain, ACA

Senior Director – Business Plan & Financial Model

Manzar is a Chartered Accountant by profession and leads business planning and pitch deck function within Stellar Consultancy. He has worked with over 100 clients and brings extensive business acument and financial expertise to the table.

Omar Parvaiz, ACCA, CPA
Omar Parvaiz, ACCA, CPA

Senior Consultant – Startup and Venture Capital

Omar Pervaiz is a founder of a VC-backed business and is also an ex-VC. Omar understands investor psychology and what it actually takes for an investor to invest in a particular business and his expertise are instrumental in helping our clients with their investor documents


What is an Investor Ready Pitch Deck?
An Investor Ready Pitch Deck is a concise, compelling presentation designed to showcase your startup or project to potential investors. It highlights the business model, market opportunity, product or service, team, and financial projections in a clear and engaging way.
How important is a Professional Business Plan for Investors?
A Professional Business Plan is crucial for attracting investors. It provides a detailed roadmap of your business, covering aspects like market analysis, operational strategy, financial planning, and growth projections. This comprehensive document helps investors understand the viability and potential of your venture.
What services does Stellar Consultancy as Pitch Deck Agency offer?
Stellar Consultancy as a Pitch Deck Agency offers a range of services including concept development, content creation, graphic design, and storytelling. Their expertise lies in transforming complex business ideas into engaging and understandable presentations.
How does working with Professional Pitch Deck Designers benefit my startup?
Professional Pitch Deck Designers bring a blend of creative design and business acumen to your project. They ensure that your pitch deck not only looks appealing but also accurately represents your business model and value proposition, increasing the chances of securing investment.
What distinguishes an Investment Fund Pitch Deck from others?
An Investment Fund Pitch Deck is tailored specifically for investment funds. It emphasizes aspects like fund strategy, management team credentials, investment thesis, and past performance, catering to the sophisticated needs of institutional investors.

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